The ELSA-20-Stack


All ELSA-20 cores were sampled in 10 cm increments, which were taken as one sample. The inner part of the segment was sampled under clean lab conditions for biomarker and DNA analysis, the rest of the segment was sampled into one sample, dried with a freeze dry device and homogenized. The sampling of SMfreeze, HM4, AU3 and AU4 resulted in 1000 discrete samples, which are the ELSA-20-Stack. The table below lists these 1000 samples, and presents its source from each core.

All of these samples were analyzed with classical sedimentological techniques (Loss on ignition, CaCO3, grain size). The analysis of pollen, spores, alkanes, GDGT and other biomarker is ongoing.

The ELSA Project provides aliquots from the ELSA-20-Stack samples to everybody, who is interested to do further specialized analysis. However, it is taken care, that analysis and scientific topics are not duplicated. Ongoing work on the ELSA-20-Stack samples comprises 14C of ostracods, 10Be, paleomagnetism, δDeuterium, 7Lithium, isotopy of alkanes, sterols, stanols, DNA.