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Planktonic Diatoms
Benthic Diatoms

Diatoms have been analysed by Simone Illig in core DE3 from Dehner Maar, the respective data are presented in Sirocko et al. (2016). Apparently, diatoms have developed in every interstadial, but are absent from all stadial sections. The taxonomic composition of diatoms reveals 235 species that were distinguished. The evaluation of the planktonic data has not been finished by Simone Illig. We present the taxonix list in the download area of this webpage if anybody is interested in further evaluation of the data matrix.

The main finding of the diatom work at the moment are the inference, that many planktonic diatoms are present in the interstadial section. All diatoms are however not present in the stadial or glacial sections. Accordingly, we regard the entire diatom assemblage as a response to well stratified surface water. Alternatively one could invoke changing pH level of the past lake water. Diatoms are preserved only in acidic water, but dissolve under basic conditions. In this case, the stadial and glacial lake water would be higher in pH, which is possible if carbonate bearing glacial/stadial dust dissolved in the paleo lake water.

Dehner Dry Maar (DE3)