Diatoms were analyzed by Simone Illig in core DE2 from Dehner Maar; the data were included in the paper of Sirocko et al. (2016), but never interpreted in detail. The work of Simone documented that diatoms were either present with many taxa during interstadials, or were completely absent during stadials. Both benthic and planktonic occurred simultaneously together during all interstadials from GI17 to GI2. Unfortunately, the stratigraphy of DE2 is problematic between 48,000 and 38,000 yr b2k. Diatom analysis is thus at the moment continued in the varve counted core DE3.


Chironomids and Cladocera were present during MIS3 in many cores (Engels et al. 2008, Kattel et al. 2011), but have not been studied with high resolution yet. Ostracods were counted by Christel Adams, who documented that several species where abundant throughout MIS3 and MIS2. Pia Bugge did first isotope studies; both of these studies on ostracods are not published. Here, we present the abundance of Candona (a species that prefers cold arctic waters today), which was at maximum from 22,500 – 19,000 yr b2k, which appears to have been the coldest phase of the LGM in the Eifel region.